Saturday, 17 January 2009

*The* U*U Enforcer aka The Emerson Avenger

The Anonymous U*U blogger calling him and/or herself The UU Enforcer is an imposter aka fraud. I am the *real* "less than anonymous" U*U Enforcer and have been *The* U*U Enforcer years before the so-called, self-titled, (not to mention self-appointed) UU Enforcer began blogging, at least in terms of blog posts that the lame-ass UU Enforcer "memory holed" to hide from U*U eyes and non-U*U eyes. U*U TrU*Uth be told, the UU Enforcer couldn't enforce him and/or herself out of a soaking wet brown paper bag that had already been used for several "less than PC" brown bag lunches in a "less than politically correct" U*U "church" if his and/or her life in the U*U World *depended* on it. . .

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